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Grant was born and raised in Edinburgh. He attended George Heriots School from 1995 - 2008 and then upon graduation immediately applied to a vrious instituations for a simularaly related courses to the RSAMD's Technical and Production Arts. Deciding upon the RSAMD as his place of study for the next three years chossing the design strand and then chosing to further specialise in lighting Design.

Lighting Design has been a topic Grant has been interested for several ears now and he started his interest for the industry at school and amateur dramatics. Having light these types of shows for some time he mad contacts and links to other, more challenging ventures and has started to develop his portfolio into a more professional path. Studying at the RSAMD, Grant is hoping to developing his lighting design skills to the best level possibly but also gain a more detailed knowledge of other areas of theatre and the industry in general.

Outside of theatre Grant works at River Island Clothing and enjoys making use of his 30% discount! Furthermore he has his own DJ company where he plans and DJs for peoples parties and events through in Edinburgh. Mixing business and pleasure means that the saying 'all work and no play.....' is pretty redundant and this is particularly true when choosing a career in theatre.

Grant enjoys a variety of learning environments and hopes the academy will allow his to explore of these. They range from relaxed and creative environment for designing to a professional, polite and focused environment for production elements. See how he is getting on below by looking at his productions, projects or reading one of his Blogs....


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