Glued : A New Musical

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Glued : A New Musical

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Creative Team
Joanna Ellis
Musical Director / Associate Choreographer
Bethany Tennick
Callum Marshall
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer / Production Electrician
Production Team
Stage Manager
Head of Stage / Deputy Stage Manager
Lighting Programmer and Operator
Assistant Stage Managers Rosie Orford


'Glued' was an original musical written by Callum Marshall, and was staged in the Chandler Studio Theatre as part of Bridge Week 2017.

Stage Departments

The staging of ‘Glued’ was fairly simple, with the main performance area being shuttered in by three trapeze bars - constructed from drifts and scaff poles - onto which rotating boards were hung and could be interacted with by cast. These boards were constructed from 2x4 timber and 4mm MDF, and rotated within a frame on two M10 bolts, in the style of a classroom whiteboard. This was an easy and cheap way of creating the idea of multiple different rooms, and shifting between them quickly as each side could be written on (the boards were painted with chalkboard paint) or have posters stuck to them.

The only other thing to hang from these bars were a collection of three stained glass windows. These were made by laminating cuts of gel to the plastic front panel of an A1 IKEA picture frame with PVA glue, lining the edges of the gel with thin black PVC tape to emulate leading, and leaving the cardboard backing off to allow them to be lit through. The frames then had G Clamps fitted to the top to allow them to be hung. This proved very effective and was a much cheaper alternative to the proposed perspex and FEV solution.

The band were situated at the back of the performance space, and were separated from the main stage by two booms with eight par cans on each, hung 2x4 to create a wall. Though this gave the space the desired metallic, rock feel - the protagonist’s story arc being his desire to become a musician - this did produce a lot of heat onto the band, something that a solution was never really found for.

Full Rig Plan

Props List