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12th May 2022 - 14th May 2022
Performance Course
Third Year BA Acting
Chandler Studio Theatre
Creative Team
Sound Designer & Percussionist
Lighting Designer
Production Team
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Head of Stage
LX Programmer
Production Sound Engineer
Sound Crew/Sound Operators


Stage Management


From a TSD perspective Gloria wasn't a big show, it involved 3 Flying lighting practical's. 2 office lights and a pendant light in the centre of the stage for the cafe scene (act 2 scene 1). the office lights would be in for Act 1 and Act 2 scene 2 which were 2 scenes set within 2 separate offices. the Office lights were lights we already had in stock in the LX store, these already had right angled plates attached to the top of them with slots cut into them. This made them very easy to rig. We used a 3/4T shackle with a paracord line, bow-lined to the shackle, up to the pulley then off to the middle catwalk to a cleat that was made out of a half doughty clamp, 2 small half cleats facing away from each other to make a cleat. with the small hole in the middle of one of the cleats was perfect to put a stopper knot in the line for the in dead's. this allowed a smooth run when it had to live run in.

Because the office lights are positioned stage left to stage right this meant I needed 2 cross bars per light and with a stock of only 19 bars all departments had to work around each other to ensure we didn't over run our amount of bars. listed bellow is a list of the rigging per flying light.

Ground plans

Ground plan for Act 1 Set

Ground plan for Act 2 Scene 1 Set

Ground plan for Act 2 Scene 2 Set

TSD technical aspects

OFFICE LIGHTS: 4 - 3/4T shackles ( 2 per light ) 4 - 6m black paracord lines ( cut from stock material ) 4 - 0.5m strops ( double choked to get as high up as they could do ) 4 - 1T shackles ( to attach the pulley to the strop ) 4 - swing cheek petzl Pulleys 2 - custom made cleats

CLEATS: 1 - small piece of timber ( cut from stock ) 1 - 30mm M10 bolt 1 - half doughty coupler 1 - M10 T-nut 2 - small cleats All found in Cage on left hand side (minus timber)

Cafe pendant light 1 - 6m paracord line 1 - 0.5m strop ( double choked ) 1 - 1T shackle 1 - swing cheek Petzl pulley 1 custom made cleat

Seating banks the 2 seating banks were made up of 4 bits of 8x4 steel deck, these were raised on 200mm legs. this allowed our back row in the audience a better line of sight to watch the play. We put a kick rail along the back sides of the steel deck and 4ft (1220mm) long hand rails on either end of the steel deck to prevent anyone falling off with their chair.

permanent seating bank cloth To hide the permanent seating bank in the chandler We used a 6100mm scaffolding pole joined with a 400mm scaffolding pole, rigged onto this was 3 standard barrel clamps. These barrel clamps were then attached to a 0.5m strop via a 1T shackle, which was then attached to another 1T shackle which was also attached to another 0.5m strop, however this last strop was double choked around the bar. to attach this we put 3 hemp lines into the made up scaffolding bar and hauled the bar with the cloth attached up to the cross bars and held it there whilst someone attached the rigging to the pre - rigged, double choked strops. this allowed the cloth to sit comfortably and was a perfect distance for the cloth to just be touching the floor. A list of the rigging is bellow

permanent seating bank masking: 1 - 13m x 4m border ( Stock number 116 ) 1 - 6100mm scaffolding pole 1 - 4000mm scaffolding pole 1 - key clamp ( alan key size 8 ) 3 - barrel clamps 9 - 1T shackles 6 - 0.5m 1T strops 3 - chandler hemp lines



Sound Kit

Speaker Plan