Gary Ashbridge

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Gary Ashbridge
Date of Birth 13/09/1995
Graduating Year 2017
Course BA Production Technology & Management
Specialism PLX
Higher Education Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2014 - 2017
Education William Howard School 2007-2014

Gary is currently studying BA Production Technology and Management(2014-17) at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and wishes to specialise in production lighting.

Involvement of Productions at RCS

1. Mother Goose 2014 - Stage crew member. November/December 2014.

2. Neu/Now International Arts Festival - Electrician. November 2014.

3. Inner space 2015 - Head of Video Operations/Design. January 2015.

4. Wolfman - Stage Electrician / Followspot Operator. Bridgeweek 205.

5. A3 Showcase - Lighting Board Programmer/Operator February 2015.

6. West Side Story - Production Electrician / Followspot Operator. February/March 2015.

7. Sir John In Love - Stage Technician. April/May 2015.

8. CPP 1, 2 and 4 - ASM/DSM June/July 2015.

9. Pyro Show 2015 - Head of Flys. October 2015.

10. Jekyll and Hyde - Lighting Board programmer/operator.

11. Dick McWhittington - Stage Electrician. November/December 2014.

12. Shakespears - Sound Designer/Operator. January 2016.

13. Owen Wingrave - Deputy Production Electrician. April/May 2016.

14. Circle of Fifths at the Trongate Theatre and Cockpit Theatre - Head Electrician. May/June 2016.

15. Burial At Thebes - Head Electrician. October/November 2016.

16. Snow Queeen - MA PRogrammer and Operator. November/December 2016.

17. Into The New - Head Electrician. January 2017.

18. Ballet Showcase 2017 - Head Electrician. May/June 2017.

External Work

Gary works as a valued member of the Technical Crew at a small concert venue in his hometown of Carlisle called the Sands Centre. The venue see's a range of events from large rock concerts on tour and west end musicals/theatre pieces to comedians and dance groups. In his time there, he has been involved with countless amounts of productions of all sizes as either general crew, stage electrician/technician roles or taking to the job of the board operator or even the follow spot.

He also helped out voluntarily at his local 'am-dram' theatre the West-Walls Theatre from the age of 13. During his time there, he was involved with everything as much as possible and learning from professionals who also put time in their outside of their own work. With time as people came and went, he eventually pent the last two years of his time there as the 'Technical Manager' overseeing all the operations from arranging crew to technical maintenance. During his time there, he has learnt from professionals and worked to such standards as well as training other people who have become involved and has kept the theatre in a healthy state for productions and the comfort of the audience members. He left the theatre in 2014 to begin his studies at the RCS.

He was also heavily involved with the lighting and sound for productions at his school (William Howard School) which would see a production budget for hiring in specialist equipment. Events would range from typical school musicals and exhibitions to concerts and proms, some of which featuring famous guests.