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The GOCUE 4 V1 was a project undertaken by Neil Smith, Daniel Thompson and Rory Boyd in May 2014. The result of the project was a portable prompt desk, with 4 Cue lights for use on the show Festen.


The need for this system to exist came out of the show Festen, being performed in the Tron Changing House in June 2014. Stage Management raised a concern that due to the proximity of the control position to the audience, use of Audio Communications would not be suitable due to noise. The cueing of shows in the changing house has always been an issue, with various methods of communication being employed (taps on the back, whispering) with none of them being particularly successful.

The point was raised that the show could use the already availiable Softcue System. This system is already built and can run many times the amount of cue lights needed for Festen. However than issue raised with Softcue was that the unit itself occupies a 4U Rack, and this would be a very large addition to the already cramped control position.

So, the request was made (initially as a joke) that a custom built system could be created specifically for the show (and future use on similar small scale shows). It was at this point the team decided to take this "joke" project and turn it into something real.

First Design Considerations




Final Prototype

Building the Case

Designing the Circuit

Putting it all Together

Final Result

Future Plans