Fraser Mackie

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Fraser Mackie
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Date of Birth 6th September 2002
Course Production Technology & Management
Graduating Year 2023 (RCS Graduate 23)
Specialism Sound
Higher Education Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2020 - 2023
Further Education


Fraser Mackie is a Production Technology and Management student specialising in Sound.

Fraser is passionate about Scottish Culture and Queen's Park Football Club.

eloe/ Portfolio

RCS Productions

First Year

Assistant Stage Manager - Pyjama Game (2021)
Sound Designer - Inner Space 2020 (Group A+B)
Sound Designer - How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found (2021)
Lighting Crew - Much Ado About Nothing 2021 Macbeth 2021 (2021)
Stage Technician - CPP3 Collaborations

Second Year

Sound Designer - Thebans (2021)
PSE - Secret Mischiefs
PSE - MACCT B The Dutch Courtesan 2022
PSE - As You Like It
Sound Designer - Gloria

Third Year

Sound Designer - A Very Expensive Poison
PSE - CPP3 Collabs
Sound Designer - Macbeth & Coriolanus
PSE - Taming of the Shrew
Sound No.1 - Children of Eden

Non RCS Productions

Vital Sign of The Planet COP26 Concert - Sound Crew
Assembly Fest 2022 - Venue Tech