Folding the BP screen

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These instructions were written by Tim Palmer, production manager at Scottish Opera, for folding the BP screen for Ballet Showcase 2012

To Fold the Screen:

You can fold a plastic Cyc like a normal cloth.

Bottom to top, bottom to top etc and the fold each side into the middle.

However unless the stage is completely clean, it will pick up all sorts of dirt and debris.

So we fold our Plastic Cyc like this.

We store all our cloths in ‘flight cases’

Estimate the width of your flight case. (or whatever you’re using for storage)

Fly the Cyc in about the width of your case, lay it on the stage good side up.

Then keeping this section flat on the stage, drop it in another ‘width’ but lay this folded over, good side to good side.

Keeping this ‘two fold’ flat, drop in another chunk and lay this folded over, back to back.

Do it again -and again – and again – until you have concertinaed the whole thing.

We then concertina the folded Cyc across stage to the P.S. end. Again having estimated the size of case it’s going into.

Then place it delicately into our flight case.