Flight 2022

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Flight 2022
12th - 18th March 2022
New Athenaeum Theatre
Production Team
Production Manager
Kevin Murray
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Managers
Stage Supervisor
Stage Crew
Lighting Programmer
[[ ]]
Lighting Operator
Production Electrician



Stage Management

Technical Stage Department

The Set

As the opera would suggest the set for this production was an airport terminal. Two large towers, one each side of stage, the SR tower has a second level balcony/control room. Four flying concrete headers, each supported with a 'Y' shaped frame. The floor was painted with a perspective grid that worked with the 'Y' supports to force a deeper look to the space.

The Build

The fit up period for the show was very compact, we had three days in the venue, one grid work/venue prep day with the set arriving that evening. Then two build days, with some help from workshop. The first day consisted of grid work, installing all the hemp points, rerouting the winches and dropping the points to the floor, building and floating the truss and finally laying the floor. This left us in a good position for the set build starting the next day. The second day started by building the larger items first, using the full stage space to build them. From there we assembled and suspended the flying items, like the concrete headers and the LX rig and started on the SR tower. The third and final day saw the build of both towers, the SR tower was build at height as it had a 3m platform for the second level. The SL tower was assembled in two sections on stage then the top piece was flown out on hemp and landed on the lower half, the lines were cleated off to provide support to the tower.

File:Flight 2022 Kit List.docx

Lighting Department

Sound Department