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For the opera Owen Wingrave in 2016 a lot of fake alcohol was required. There are a lot of online forums that give bits of advice and recipes on how to make fake alcohol. That is a good place to start research for ingredients. Then the next step it to look up photos and familiarize yourself with the colour. The recipes we used for Owen Wingrave are as follows:

Red Wine:

Red Wine Colour

1/6th water

2/6 flat cola (to darken)

3/6th Black current squash


Sherry Colour

5/6 Clear apple juice

1/6 flat cola

A capful of black current squash


Whisky Colour

5/6 Clear apple juice

1/6 flat cola


We had a very tight budget so we had to find the cheapest ingredients possible.

The apple juice was juice from concentrate from Tesco. Be sure you don't buy cloudy apple juice!

The black current squash was the generic Tesco brand as concentrated as you can get it.

The cola is better off being a name brand because it has a darker colour and you will have to use less of it. Not all colas are made equal. We found, often the cheaper ones or the diet ones colour is less concentrated so spend the extra few pennies and getting a higher quality cola.