Elspeth Watt

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Elspeth Watt

First Year

Assistant Stage Manager - Carousel 2013

Lighting Board Operator - 'Hemisphere, Hemisphere'

Lighting Board Operator - CPP-Red Line

Sound Operator - 'This is going to end, so we'd better start now'

Sound Operator - 'Love is what you want'

Stage Technician - CPP 1&4 2013

Second Year

Assistant Stage Manager - Betty Blue Eyes

Stage Electrician - Coriolanus

Stage Electrician - Merchant of Venice

General Information
DOB 11/08/1993
Graduating Year 2015
Degree BA Production Technology & Management
Specialism Production Electrics

Stage Management Resources

* Ration Book cover template

For use on wartime plays/musicals. A4 size sheet (for printing), with cutting guidelines. See below tea-staining file to add full-effect on props.

File:Ration book cover template.pdf


* Ration book back cover template

Same as above, but with back cover! The wording is legitimate of the time, incase designers get silly with you

File:Ration Book back cover template.pdf


* Prop blagging letter template

Add details of shop, if necessary. Spacing up and down for use on RCS headed paper (available at AAS Office)



* Instructions for tea-staining paper

Important thing to learn for paper props in plays set in the past.

File:How to tea stain paper.docx


* Old-fashioned can labels

Fit on standard size baked bean/soup tins. For best results add a light layer of PVA glue to the top and bottom edges, and the end which sticks the label down.




Useful contacts for sourcing props who were used on Betty Blue Eyes/Carousel 2013

File:Propping contacts.docx