David Macmorris, Laura Jarvis, Jonny Reed, Emma McBride

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Craigwillis.jpg Bruce willis.jpg

Craig Ralph posing as Bruce willis from the Sin City one sheet, images edited using photoflexor, saturation was reduced and control room window was removed from background.


This edit was done in Photoshop using 2 extra layers, one for the buildings and one for the rain (created by using motion blur on randomly drawn white pixels). Colour balnace was also altered slightly to match the ambient tone of the background image. Steve Macluskie


FotoFlexer Photo2.jpg

Clockwise from top: Jonny Reed, Emma Mcbride, Laura Jarvis and David MacMorris, posing as Queen. This photo has been photoshopped to remove the model's (black) clothing from the shot.

Indiana Jones


To create our version of the Indiana Jones poster, we started by side-lighting the backdrop with a profile with a red gel sitting on the ground. We then used two profiles as front light; one lighting his upper body and one lighting his lower body and feet. Finally we added a yellow side-light using a second profile on the ground. This lit the back of our model's legs as seen in the poster.

We would have benefitted from more lights since the lighting was complex.

The Godfather


The lighting of this photograph was fairly simple in the choosing of the lantern, it consisted of a single profile with a red gel. The challenging part was getting the angle of the light and the position of the camera correct. In the end we lit it from the back and had a lot of spill onto the front of the face, this added the correct shadowing on the face, keeping the eyes dark and the front of the face visible. We flipped the photo in Phixr so the images were both facing the same way.