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Darren Wilson
Date of Birth 04th June 1997
Course Production Technology & Management
Graduating Year 2021 (RCS Graduate 21)
Specialism Technical Stage Management
Higher Education Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2018 - 2021

Third Year Technical Stage Student @ RCS


Third Year

Stage Supervisor The Speculator

Stage Supervisor- Flight

Flight was postponed in 2021 due to the Covid 19 Pandemic but parts of the set had already been built, Me and Ewan had completed all our paperwork and left the show to work on other things. It was then decided that parts of the set would be built on stage as part of a classroom project with the first year TSD's managing the project. I had the opportunity to help out during the week as i knew how the set went together.

Stage Supervisor Into The New 2021

Head of Flys & Automation Into The Woods 2021

Second Year

Stage Supervisor/ Head of Flys & Automation (Virtual Project) Ballet Showcase 2020 (Virtual Group A)

Head of Flys & Automation Dialogues des Carmélites 2020

Deputy Stage Supervisor The Rape of Lucretia

Stage Supervisor CPP3 Collaborations 2019

Head of Flys/ Deputy Stage Supervisor Middletown

First Year

Sound Technician Ballet Showcase 2019

Assistant Stage Manager San Diego

LX Technician Sunday in the Park with George

Technical Stage Supervisor Inner Space 2019

Assistant Technical Stage Supervisor Peter Pan

RCS Projects

Floor Cleaning Cupboard

The floor cleaning cupboard was designed to accommodate all the new dance floor cleaning supplies purchased in March 2021.

Negotiated Project- Organiser Trolley

This was the main part of my Negotiated Project, build an organiser trolley that could hold Euro crates and organiser cases.

Kinesys Grid Sled

The Kinesys grid sled was designed so that instead of having 3 people lifting the chain hoists across the grid (something that involves working in very close proximity with other people) the chain hoists could instead be pulled/ pushed across the grid. This would allow for people to keep 2m distancing and would also make it easier to move the hoists.

This initially was going to be a quick build using stuff we could repurpose but once i got started building the project turned into a labour of love. The main part of the sled was an old wooden box (used to store black tat) which i cut down in size, sanded and stuck some skates on the bottom. After that i started adding extras to the sled like cut out supports so the hoists would sit neatly in the box and cut out a section at the side of the box to allow the cable to sit freely. I also added some handles and routed all the edges so the sled was more user friendly.

The sled also allows for the chain to be kept together when rigging the hoist as before the chain would have to be kept in the bag and would mean that the 3rd person would normally have to keep a hold of the bag whilst the motor was being rigged.

In practice during Giulio Cesare pre rig day the sled was put to the test and it took one person to move a hoist across the grid, something that before would have taken 3.

Conduit Holder

During summer 2019 new drapes and conduit were purchased. In order to keep the now large stock of conduit in order I set about building a holder that would be secured on to the wall. The holder would have sections for 1m, 0.5m and compartments for joiners and bullet ends, an additional Kee clamp support would also be fixed to the wall to hold 2m sections of conduit.

Dance Floor Trolley

As part of our 2nd year construction projects I was tasked with designing a new dance floor trolley that could hold 10 rolls, 4 rolls more than the other trolley. I started by looking at different designs of trolleys that were available to purchase. All of them had their pros and cons but for what we needed the design of our existing trolley- built by Stuart Leech was perfect, although it needed to be higher to fit the extra rolls. After drawing the trolley up on Vectorworks and working out exactly how big it would need to be, i made up a cutting list and was all set to start building however due to Covid 19 I never got the chance to build the trolley but during the summer Matt got it finished.

External Work

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