Daniel Barclay

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Daniel Barclay


Date of Birth 11th April 2004
Course Production Technology & Management
Graduating Year 2025 (RCS Graduate 25)
Specialism Sound
Higher Education Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2022 - 2025


Daniel Barclay is a Production Technology and management student studying sound

1st Year Productions

November Collaborative project.

2:22 A Ghost Story Venue, Chandler Studio. Technical Stage Team Member, involved flying curtains, masking and set pieces. Set design, Sourcing set pieces, Vectorworks design and risk assessment.

Sound Design and Technician -

Innerspace 2022 This Production saw a performance of songs from each decade from the 1960s onwards.

Venue, Atheneum Theatre. Technical Stage Member, Responsible for flys during fit up and performance.

Work for this production also involved sound design. Sourcing, creating and editing soundscapes, sound effects. In-between each song/performance there was a sound effect/soundscape introducing the new era/time. These were created using multiple sources from the internet as-well as recordings. Edited/meshed in Ableton Live - Digital Audio - Workshop where a number of audio effects such as reverb and delay could be applied.

Stage Technician - Lear and Othello

Stage Technician - Macbeth and Coriolanus

Sound Technician - Little Women

ASM - Children of Eden

2nd Year Productions

PSE - The Wonderful World of Dissocia 2023

PSE - Into The Woods 2023