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Show Dates

Tuesday 28th January - Friday 31st of January

Production Team

Stage Management

Stage Management Sources

Item Source Contact
3x Swords Bard In The Botanics Gordon the Artistic Director at Bard in The Botanics


3x Scabbards Hands On HANDS ON Production Services LTD

79 Loanbank Quadrant Glasgow, G51 3HZ [2]

6x Riot Barriers Glasgow City Council The Land and Event Services Department at Glasgow City Council
Hand Held Flame Torch Just FX Unit 4 Frontier Works

33 Queen Street​ Tottenham​ LONDON​ N17 8JA [3]

Working with the flame torches/ flame paste

For Coriolanus we needed flame torches and a brazier that could be lit and go on fire. To achieve this we hired special flame torches and flame paste from justfx. To use the flame torches was a challenge as the show had no wings so they would need to be lit in the corridors. To achieve this we had to isolate several of the corridors around the chandler to avoid evacuating the building. The flame torches worked by having 2 flammable cubes placed in the grill at the top of the torch at the start of each show. An ASM would then light them with a long match which could reach through the grill each time the torch was needed on stage. The torches had a very good safety mechanism, whereas if the cast member dropped it a cover would spring over the lit ‘grill’ section and extinguish the flame. To get the brazier to light we simply spread flame paste in a small round tray and placed it in the top of the brazier. An ASM would go on stage when it needed to be lit. To extinguish the flame paste we simply had a round lid that could be sat on top of the round tray in the brazier.

Props List

File:Coriolanus Props List Draft 2.pdf

Blocking Template

I used these blocking diagrams as the director had more than one version of the blocking for each scene and didn't decide which he was going to use until the week before Technical Rehearsals. File:Blocking diagram.pdf

Backstage Call Checklist

To act as a reminder of which backstage calls had been given.

File:Backstage Calls Done.doc


Lighting Plan

Overhead Plan

Below is the overhead plan

Floor Plan

Below is the floor plan. It is important to note the use of the fresnels are to create shadows on the back wall.

Boom Plan

Below is the plan for the booms. These were located stage left and right and as far back as possible to the wall they could go.

Design Decisions

Below is a document explaining the design behind the lighting plans.