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Generic Stock:

All lanterns are supplied in working order with hook clamps, wing nuts and safety chains/ bonds. Please ensure that at the end of the production all lanterns are restored to the condition in which they were received and report any and all faults and damages to the Venues Team.

This rig is a permanent rig in the concerthall.

Please ensure that the Receiving stage manager agrees to any movement of the lighting units. These MUST be returned to the positions that they were in at the end of your show

Movers and LED

ProLights pixiewash
PROPIXIEWASH.png 10 in stock on upstage truss

Lighting Control

Grand MA 1 full size

XTBA Backfade Recording & Backup System
To switch control from the desk, press escape. To return to backfade unit, press enter/yes and then fade.

Power Outlets / Dimmers

124 x 2.5kW Zero88 Chilli Dimmer Outlets

6 x 5kW Zero88 Chilli Dimmer Outlets

125A 3-Phase Auxiliary Power Outlet in Piano Store (Off Stage Left)

File:Stevenson Hall dimmers.pdf