Cinderella Panto 07

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Director: Alasdair Hawthorn

Designer: Marian Colquhoun

Assistant Designer: Natasha Falconer

Lighting Design: Simon Wilkinson

Sound Design: Andy Smart

Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Whoriskey

Monday 3 - Wednesday 12 December 2007, 7pm

Saturday 8 December 2007, 2pm

New Athenaeum Theatre

Production Photography

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Cinderella. Ashley Pontius

Prince Charming. Jamie Brotherston

Buttons. Owen Whitelaw

Dandini. Anneika Rose

Ronda. Alan Burgon

Vonda. Lewis Milsted

Roxette. Roisin Gallagher

Cameron. Fergus Johnston

Angelica. Maria Nobauer

King. John Parsons

Jock. Matthew Randell

Nurse. Emma Lambie

Courtiers/Chefs. Edward Corrie and Michael Goldsmith

Wereparrot. Corrie and Allan Lindsay


Chorus Understudy

Victoria Armstrong. . Dandini

Charlene Boyd. Cinderella

Edward Corrie. Ronda/King

Michael Goldsmith. Buttons

Harry Gooding. Cameron

Jana Maria Gudmundsdottir

Emma Lambie. Roxette

Allan Lindsay. Vonda

Matthew Randell. Prince Charming

Alice White. Angelica

Production Team

Stage Manager Danielle Flecher Herd

Deputy Stage Manager Emma Hullin

Assistant Stage Managers Lesley Neilson & Matt McFarlane

Technical Stage Manager Peter Strain

Assistant Technical Stage Managers Alasdair Head, Trevor Mills, Hannah Fisher, Gillian Richards, Laura McNiven, Mark McGowan

Production Electrician Mark Carry

Assistant Production Electrician Ricky Smith

Lighting Operator Susan Scott

Sound Operator Alix Ross

Costume Makers Kirsty McCabe, Susan McCarroll, Kirsten Hogg

Assistant Costume Makers Christine Orr, Emma Grindlay, Mark McGowan, Georgina Sheward, Ashley Thomas,Marianne McAra, Calum Wyllie

Paintframe Manager Steven Wylie

Scenic Artists Francesca Rose,Susan McCarroll

Assistant Scenic Artists Hannah Fisher,Laura McNiven,Georgina Sheward,Calum Wyllie,Gordon Bavaird, Alix Ross, Kristine Comaish, Emilie Velluet-Draper, Susan Kirkwood, Lynn Wiseman, Lesley Neilson, Gary Loughran, Lynsey MacDonald, Scott McIntosh, Ian Waugh, Lauren Mackay, Ashley Blair, Matthew Edmonds, Avril Jane Scott

Carpenters Dan Birch, Amy Cummings, Peter Strain

Workshop Manager Laura Montgomery

Assistant Carpenters Frazer Fyfe, Susan Kirkwood, Ashley Thomas, Lynn Wiseman, Gillian Richards, Jenny Gamble, Francesca Branch,Niall MacGillivray

Props Workshop Manager Suzie Goldberg

Prop Makers Mhairi Begg

Assistant Prop Makers Helen Allingham, Francesca Branch, Marthe Hoffman, Niall MacGillivray, Marianne McAra, Christine Orr, Ricky Smith, Jennifer Walker, Ashleigh Blair, April Clarke, Matthew Edmonds, Gary Loughran, Lynsey MacDonald, Scott McIntosh, Lauren MacDonald, Avril Scott, Iain Waugh

Stage Crew Louise Marr, Pulenq Mabuya, Anne Hamilton, Kirsty Campbell, Doug Paisley, Michaella Fee, Kevin Cullin, Stephen Spence, Calum Willoughby, Emma Whoriskey, Kieron Johnson, Vicky Adamczyk, Sean McKenzie


Bass Guitar Ed Pecsek, Gordon Seith

Drums James Gorman, Kenneth Carlyle, Peter Murch

Electric Guitar Andrew Paterson

Saxophone Jay Capperauld, Sarah Hind

Trombone John Connolly, Alex Trotter

Trumpet Fiona Pitcaithley


Alasdair Hawthorn - Director

This is Alasdair’s sixth consecutive panto production at the RSAMD. Since graduating from the Academy in the early 90s, he has directed and performed in many productions in theatre and television, as well as serving as Associate Director at the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford. Alasdair is particularly fond of panto and believes that life should be a pantomime (or cabaret, whichever is easiest!).

Marian Colquhoun - Designer

Marian graduated in 2000 from the University of Glasgow with Honours in Theatre Studies and Scottish Literature. In 2005 she graduated from the RSAMD with a BA in Technical and Production Arts, specialising in design and applied arts. Since graduating she has become Residential Assistant Designer for the New Danish Opera and has designed in Scotland and London. She also works as a prop maker at the Russell Beck Studio in London producing work for various West-End musicals, opera and ballet.

Simon Wilkinson - Lighting Design

Simon has designed lighting for productions in venues from London’s West End to the north of Scotland, and for companies including The National Theatre of Scotland, Nottingham Playhouse, Dundee Rep, Perth Theatre and the Byre Theatre. His lighting designs for Mary’s Wedding and Lion in the Streets were exhibited in the last two quadrennial exhibitions of the Society of British Theatre Designers. His designs for touring theatre have been seen in the majority of the UK’s large scale venues. Simon’s searchlight installation for the opening of Perth Concert Hall, “Light Fantastic”, was seen by over half a million people, prompting reports of an alien invasion.

Jamie Brotherston

Jamie is the real life Prince of the “Black Isle” in the Highlands. Previous credits have included: PC Hughes, HIDDEN; Hippollito, Women Beware Women; Ben, Stories for a Wild Night. His Royal Highness is glad to be finally treated in the manner to which he is accustomed.

Alan Burgon

Alan is a real boy, despite what Geppetto or his previous girlfriends have said. Previous credits include: William, HIDDEN; Polixenes, The Winter’s Tale; Surkalla, Mr Puntila and His Man Matti, and so forth... He enjoys the chance to cross-dress without being mocked and, although he found high heels a bit uncomfortable at first, now wears them in his spare time, receiving several awards for his grace.

Edward Corrie

Edward’s previous RSAMD credits include: HIDDEN with Vanishing Point; The Winter’s Tale; Tales for a Wild Night and Falling for Poorboy. At weekends he likes to curl up on the sofa and watch White Christmas.

Roisin Gallagher

Roisin’s recent credits include: ‘the star of platonov’ in PLATONOV!; ‘the star of The Winter’s Tale in The Winter’s Tale!; ‘the star of HIDDEN’ in HIDDEN and I’m sure you will all agree the star of Cinderella!! OH YES SHE IS!!! (accepting flowers at Client Services only).

Michael Goldsmith

Michael is from Michigan, in the US of A, which is awesome. Theatre at RSAMD: Autolycus, The Winter’s Tale; the old dude, The Cherry Orchard. For BBC Radio 4: The Tenderness of Wolves, Lemon Ice Cream (Afternoon Reading). Film credits: Pulling the Strings (RSAMD), RSAMD Mobile Media Shorts. Michael likes bagels and America’s Interstate Highway System.

Fergus Johnston

Fergus was born in Brazil and hopes to represent them at the next World Cup. He was gutted to lose out on the role of Cinderella and believes that one day, heads will roll for it. His favourite cereal is Coco Pops because it makes the milk go chocolatey.

Emma Lambie

Emma has danced her way all the way from the Elgin in the North of Scotland. Her previous credits include: Cynthia Smith, HIDDEN and Lady Livia, Women Beware Women. Despite having two left feet, Emma is enjoying all the bopping and jiving. Just cross your fingers she doesnt trip up tonight!

Allan Lindsay

Allan, 26, is a native Glaswegian. Previous credits include: Super Nintendo, HIDDEN; Dirty Den, Women Beware Women; Camletouh, The Winter’s Tale; Phil MacKrackin, B&Q’s Guide To Home Plastering. When not performing in make-up and tights, Allan can be found at nights up Blytheswood make-up and tights.

Lewis Milsted

Lewis, 23, was born and then brought up. He has had a long career as an amateur cross-dresser and is thrilled to finally be going public. His previous credits are the parts he has played in different shows before now. Lewis will soon be seen in Jurassic Park IV, if Spielberg ever phones him back, like he darn-well promised he would, if you’re reading this Steve, I’m still waiting...

Maria Noebauer

Maria is originally from Austria, where she studied Musical Theatre at the Vienna Musical School as well as Acting at the Konservatorium Wien University. Previous RSAMD credits: Gail, Stories for a Wild Night; Emilia/Mopsa, The Winter’s Tale; Mother, Women Beware Women; Malina, HIDDEN. All Maria wants for Christmas is a pair of tartan wellies!

John Parsons

John, 21, is from Salisbury in the south of England. Previous RSAMD credits include: Petrin, In Search of Chekov; Lord Cardinal, Women Beware Women; Bill The Cameraman, HIDDEN. John firmly believes in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster.

Ashley Pontius

Ashley was born and raised in the cornfields of Ohio but escaped after high school in search of life beyond the small town. Her most recent appearance was in HIDDEN disguised as Sally. She has also been spotted as Perdita in The Winter’s Tale and in American T.V. pilot Such as Life as Eliot.

Matthew Randell

Matt is a Lost Boy from Neverland. Whilst at the RSAMD he has appeared in HIDDEN, The Winter’s Tale and Tales for a Wild Night with Poorboy. Pantomime is his life.

Anneika Rose

Anneika, 22 is from Glasgow. Previous credits include: Rain, HIDDEN; Sonya, Crime and Punishment; Isabella, Women, Beware Women; Sofi, Stories for a Wild Night. Anneika was in a pantomime before. She played a tree. Thankfully, things have improved.

Owen Whitelaw

Owen was born in the North Pole and is the first of Santa’s Festive Elves to attend the RSAMD. Outside Santa’s Workshop Owen has worked for; The National Theatre of Scotland, Poor Boy, Frantic Red Head, BBC Scotland, Radio Three and Scotland but he’d give it all up for one more day with Santa.

Amy Cummings - Carpenter

Amy is the workshop barbie and has produced some lovely big things! She likes shoes and silly coloured laces in her booties. Her nail varnish is looking a bit tatty with all the hard work she has been doing. She hopes that you enjoy looking at the flashing piano steps as they were the hardest to build!

Natasha Falconer - Assistant Designer

Natasha has really enjoyed her time as Assistant Designer for Cinderella. The role has been very challenging and rewarding and a perfect excuse for her to use as much pink and glitter as possible, which is always good! Big thanks everyone for all their hard work and for making the King of Rock’s throne amazing!!

Danielle Flecher-Herd - Stage Manager

Danielle is in her third and final year specialising in bossing people around in the nicest way possible (or in other words stage management). She was the Deputy Stage Manager for HIDDEN which was in the Chandler Theatre earlier this year. She is now super loving the challenge of being the Captain of Cinderella. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she has loved working on it!

Suzanne Goldberg - Props Workshop Manager

Suzie has loved her time in props despite being mistaken for an abominable snowman after being covered in polystyrene. She is looking forward to graduating providing she can unstick herself from the various things she has glued herself to. She will, however, never eat ice-cream again. Go team ice-cream!

Kirsten Hogg - Costume Maker

Kirsten is in her third year at the Academy, specialising in set and costume design. For this year’s panto Kirsten will be working her magic backstage by ripping people’s clothes off...for the quick changes.

Emma Hullin - Deputy Stage Manager

Emma Hullin is in her third year at the Academy. She has previously been the Deputy Stage Manager for the Academy production of The Winter’s Tale. Emma assumed the same role this summer for the Bard in the Botanics productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Othello. recently enjoyed being the Stage Manager of the devised piece HIDDEN, a collaboration between the RSAMD and Vanishing Point.

Kirsty McCabe - Costume Maker

A match made in hell, for this year’s panto Kirsty has been making the evil stepmothers’ outfits. Currently working on the opera Eugene Onegin, Kirsty will be designing for this Summer’s show in the Athenaeum Theatre, where she hopes to her begin her plans for world domination.

Susan McCarroll - Wardrobe

Susan is in her third year specialising in wardrobe design and scenic art. She has enjoyed her time in wardrobe for panto making sure that Cinderella CAN go to the ball. Lucky it wasn’t sleeping beauty because she got a bit confused when making the ballgown and pricked her own finger. Hope we’ll all be around when she wakes up!

Francesca Rose - Scenic Artist

Francesca is in her final year at the RSAMD, where she has specialised in scenic art, stage management and production management. She has thoroughly enjoyed painting for panto this year. Francesca’s roles within the Academy include Stage Manager for 1st and 2nd year Contemporary Performance Practice shows, CPP Honours Year’s Christmas show and the final year Acting Showcase and Assistant Production Manager for 3rd year’s summer show. Once graduated, Francesca hopes to pursue a career in arts management. She likes stealing Danii’s favourite computer upstairs and she enjoys selling cars.

Andrew Smart - Sound Designer

Hendy is currently a third year TPA student at the Academy. As well as specialising in sound design he is also working in electrics, lighting design and glass slipper repair. As well as being uber-geeky with all this technical stuff, Hendy is actually a charming, funny and sophisticated gentleman;) However his seven brothers - Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey don’t seem to think so, but his Mother Goose had to remind him that he is indeed sophisticato, and that such a supreme talent is a catch for any Cinderella! No wonder he wanted to sound design panto!

Peter Strain - Technical Stage Manager

This is Peter’s final technical management role at the Academy. He has thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that this particular show has presented and has enjoyed the process of overcoming these. Peter is looking forward to his remaining roles in his final year and hopes that they will be as challenging as this one.

Steven Wylie - Paintframe Manager

Steven has had a great time managing panto this year and enjoyed painting all the fab fifty designs and getting to glitter everything glittertastic! Steven is looking forward to Christmas and hopes Santa brings him lots of goodies under his tree. Merry Christmas.

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