Christmas at the Conservatoire 2019

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Christmas at The Conservatoire 2019
Performance Dates
11th -13th December 2019
Performance Course
Musical Theatre
Stevenson Concert Hall
Creative Team
Set Designer
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Production Team
Production Manager
Production Electrician
Lighting Programmer
Production Sound Engineer
Stage Supervisor

Technical Stage Department

CATC 2019 provided the TSM department with a new design to execute, differing from the design which was commonplace in Christmas Showcases of the past. The most impactful of these differences came from the employ of an Astera Titan Tube lighting back drop dead hung US of the rostra. Further changes to the usual design included the rostra being split and placed SR and SL respectively, a lack of masking around the venues performing space, and upright truss housing quantum movers.

The in-venue truss over the stage as well as the FoH truss and ProStar motors had to be replaced with H30V truss and these motors moved onstage, replaced by LoadGaurd motors.

The Astera Tubes were affixed to nylon cord which were evenly spaced along a 10M bar dead hung US of the rostra. With split rings attached to the cord using a ring hitch, the tubes hung from the rings in the spacing seen in the design below, taking into consideration the height at which the bar was hanging from the floor. The nylon cord was then tensioned using a fisherman's knot tied around stage weights.

Astera Tubes.png

CATC 2019 Design.jpg

LX Department