Chess the Musical

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Chess the Musical
Chess Companyn.jpg
21st March - 1st April 2017
Performance Course
Third Year BA Musical Theatre
New Atheneum Theatre & Edinburgh Festival Theatre
Creative Team
Andrew Panton
Associate Director/Choreographer
Darragh O'Leary
Kenneth MacLeod
Musical Director
David Higham
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Grant Anderson
Production Team
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Technical Stage Manager
Head Flyman
Assistant Technical Stage Manager
Assistant Technical Stage Manager
Assistant Technical Stage Manager
Head Electrician
Lighting Programmer
Lighting Crew
Lighting Crew
Lighting Crew
Sound No.2
Sound No.2
Production Sound Engineer

Chess The Musical

Chess is a musical with music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus of the pop group ABBA, and with lyrics by Tim Rice. The story involves a politically driven, Cold War-era chess tournament between two men—an American grandmaster and a Soviet grandmaster—and their fight over a woman who manages one and falls in love with the other. Although the protagonists were not intended to represent any real individuals, the character of the American grandmaster (named Freddie Trumper in the stage version) was loosely based on Bobby Fischer, while elements of the story may have been inspired by the chess careers of Russian grandmasters Viktor Korchnoi and Anatoly Karpov.' '

The Production Team

Chess Production.jpg

Chess The Musical Production Team

Stage Management

Props and Furniture Breakdown

File:Chess - PROPS - 11112016.pdf

Master Settings List

File:Chess - Master Settings Lists V2.pdf

Mark Up Plan

File:Chess V5 Ath.pdf

Stage Department

The Team

The Technical Stage Department team consisted of;

SQDarth-vader.jpg Stuart Leech (Head of Stage)

Set Design

Flying Structure


Show Running



The Team

The Sound department for Chess Consisted of 4 Members:

Sound Designer & Sound No.1 - Calum Paterson
Production Sound Engineer - Jamie Ford
Sound No.2 - Allan Hamilton
Sound No.2 - Craig Stevenson

Production Paperwork

Below is the Production Paperwork:

File:Output List Edinburgh.docx
File:Output List Glasgow V3.docx
File:Input List V4.docx
File:Chess Band List V3.docx
File:Pit Plan with SB's Updated.pdf
File:Fit Up Plan Edinburgh.docx
File:Fit Up Plan Glasgow.docx
File:Strike Plan Edinburgh.docx
File:VCA Plot.docx
File:Show Checklist.docx
File:Sound Dept Schedule V5.docx
File:Sound No.2 Briefing Pack.docx
File:Chess Risk Assessment NAT.pdf


For Chess The Musical, we had the pleasure of being the first musical theatre show in the UK to use an Adamson Line Array. This was provide by the Warehouse Sound Services. The Remit of Chess The Musical was to be loud and in your face. To Achieve this we need a system that would give us the clarity that musical theatre needs but also the power that a rock and roll system would give us. We used 12 S10 Line Array Boxes a side and a Sub Array of 8 S119 Boxes along the front of the stage.

Adamson 1.jpg

Adamson 2.jpg

Adamson 3.jpg



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