Charlie Sonata

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Charlie Sonata
Charlie sonata.jpg
Charlie Sonata
Director Mathew Lenton
Set and Costume Designer Nathalie Page
Lighting Designer Alex Kilgour
Venue Tron Changing House
Tech 31st May June - 4th June
Performance Dates 4th June - 6th June


Stage Manager - Astrid Rothmeier
Deputy Stage Manager - Kiri Newbery
ASM - Chris Brown

TSM - Ryan Greenfield
PLX - Neil Smith
Programmer - Babette Wickham-Riddick

Production Pictures

Click Here for some production pictures.


The design of Charlie Sonata featured around 200 glass bottles situated on the floor. After risk assessing this it was decided that they would be stuck down to the floor. After going through several options we decided that black tack would be used to stick the bottles down to the floor. This worked very well. Once the bottles had been placed on to the floor with black tack they did not fall over if touched. It was however fairly easy to lift them off the floor and move them somewhere else. However, the black tack can be quite difficult to get off the floor. While this might have been aided by the heat in the Changing House and the paint on the floor, it is worth noting that it might be quite difficult to get off the floor cleanly no matter what venue you are in. Black tack is similar to blue tack, only much stronger. It also needs to be worked for a while longer than blue tack in order to reach full strength. A little goes a long way. Black tack can be bought in relatively large quantities at Flints.



Fairy Lights

Charlie Sonata featured a large amount of fairy lights in the roof. These originally came with cheap Chinese flash boxes attached to them, but were rewired to be on 15A control.

The fairy lights work by having 4 lives and 1 common return (neutral). The box then switches these in order to make the fairy lights flash. In order to put them onto a 15A plug it is necessary to twine all 4 lives, tin with solder, and return them to the one post.