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Catherine is originally from Edinburgh. She is a graduate of Edinburgh's Telford College and in 2008 achieved an HNC in Technical and Production Theatre. During a summer course in 2007 she worked as a DSM in Royal Lyceum Youth Theatre on the production 'After Juliet'. As a SM she cooperated with The Arches on the production 'Damaged'.


Les Contes d'Hoffmann-Stage Tech

Dying For It - 05/09- Lx Op

Ariadne auf Naxos - 03/09- Assistant Stage Manager

Mother Goose - 12/08 - Crew


LX Into 08-Jessica Lennon, Nina Vlahyova, Danielle Farrelly, Catherine Lewis

Cafe Blog-Catherine, JoAnne, Nina, Luisa

Scenic Intro 08-Group B (23 & 24/10/08)

A Show in a Day