Captioned and Accessible Performances

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About Captioned and Accessible Performances

Currently, at the time of creating this page (30/01/2019) The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is the only performing arts school in the United Kingdom that include Captioned and Accessible Performances in their diary. This page is designed to hold as much information as possible about what to do if your show is having a captioned or accessible performance in order to allow us to become better informed and aware of what kind of work needs to go into one of these performances and how we should 'Technically' achieve this.

The following subheadings should provide you with all the information you need. Please update and add any information that you feel is missing from this page as necessary.

Captioned Performances

Captioned performances normally take place in form of a screen that can display subtitles for the show. This will include lines from the script but also may include descriptions for sound effects. There will usually be an external operator who has been trained to control the captioning screen and what is displayed on it.

Captioning Screens

Signed/Interpereted Performances