Candid Cabarets

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Candid Cabarets


Production Manager - Sam Ramsay

Stage Manager - Rosanna Sutherland

Technical Stage Manager - Melissa MacDonald

Technical Stage Manager -Suzie Inglis

Sound - Jevan Burchell

Lighting Design/Production Electrician - Blair Omond

Lighting Operator - Christopher McIntyre

Swing Techs/ Crew - Graeme Brown , Jennifer Howes ,Natalie Wilson , Christopher McIntyre ,Patrick Watson , Oliver Gorman ,Michael Parkin

Video DF/TV

Technical Stage Management

This year's cabarets were quite different in comparison to previous years. We had an excellent opportunity to use our newly updated Automation desk EChameleon, to move 4 LX Ladders vertically between various deads. As with Curtain Call Cabaret and Inner Space 2012 we had a Lowered/False grid and brought in the iron, adding an intimate atmosphere to the space keeping the audeince and performance onstage.

We constructed the False grid from 2 single purchase bars and 1 double purchase bar: 8, 15 and 22. These were cross-braced with three 6m scaff poles attached with swivel clamps.

Technical Challenges

Moving motors: in order to rig the ladders we had to move the Automation motors. See Stage Automation Level 1 for details of how to move them. This task require at least 6 people.