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CPP Summertime Festival 2018

The Contemporary Performance Practice course completes a series of performances in the Chandler Studio Theatre between the 14th May and the 15th June. The performances are devised by groups from each of the four year groups on the CPP course. The first line of shows were created by the CPP year 3 students - more details can be found on the CPP3 Collobrations 2018 page. The next performances was a choreographed piece created by the second year CPP course - information can be found below. The last group of shows are a collaboration between the final year students and the first year group. The final year students are put in a position to direct the shows and lead the creative flow of the group.

Production Team

Production Management

Initial lead up - Colin Bell

Venue PM - Kev Murray

Stage Management

CPP3 - Kirstie Connel

CPP2 & CPP1/4 - Poppy Apter

Technical Stage Management

Technical Stage Manager - Regan Kelly


Lighting and Electrics Mentor - Jazz Hutsby

Lighting Designer CPP3 - Simon McEwan

Lighting Programmer CPP2 & 1/4 - Simon McEwan

Lighting Designer CPP2 & CPP1/4 - Adlai Faigen

Production Electrician CPP3 - Andrew Johnston

Production Electrician CPP2 & CPP1/4 - Heather McKennan

Sound and AV Designer - Callum Farrell

Stage Management

Example of a risk assessment for cast member putting flowers in their mouth -

CPP RA.png

Technical Stage Management

The TSM Manual was created as a more useful substitute for the generic production manual. The CPP performances needed a different method of planning that was not easy with the common production manual document. **This document is not complete yet as the shows are still in progress**

File:TSM Manual (Not Completed).xlsx

The Ground Plans for all of the CPP theatre configurations were designed in the one Vectorworks project file with multiple design layers and multiple classes for each show.

The first performance required three movable statue plinths which were designed on Vectorworks and built by the TSM:

Plinth 3D.png Plinth Dimentions.png Three Plinths.jpg

Lighting CPP 3

Bellow you will find attached the Lighting designs for the CPP 3 By Simon McEwan





Lighting CPP 2

Here is the Lighting Operators Bible for the Cpp 2 Performances [[5]]

here is my overhead LX design for CPP 2 [[6]

here is my side light LX design for CPP 2 [[7]

here are my colour schemes for CPP 2 [[8]

here is my magic sheet for CPP 2 [[9]

Lighting CPP 1/4 group 1

here is my lighting design for CPP 1/4 group 1 [[10]

here is my magic sheet for CPP 1/4 group 1 [[11]

Lighting CPP 1/4 group 2

here is my overhead lighting design for CPP 1/4 group 2 [[12]

here is my side lighting design for CPP 1/4 group 2 [[13]

here is my magic sheet for CPP 1/4 group 2 [[14]

Sound & AV

Risk Assessment

CPP 3 Plans

Group A S-P CPP3 G1.png

Group B S-P CPP3 G2.png

Group C S-P CPP3 G3.png

CPP 2 Plan

S-P CPP2.png

CPP 1-4 Plans

Group A S-P CPP1-4 G1.png

Group B S-P CPP1-4 G2.png

Group C S-P CPP1-4 G3.png


The Sound equipment used for this festival was all in house RCS stock. Here is a Look at some of the kit used.

Yamaha LS9 Digital Console LS9.jpg

Crown Micro Tech 2400 Microtech.jpg

TANNOY V12 Tannoyv12.jpg

TANNOY T40r Subs.jpg

Logic Systems ML B.5 MLB.5.jpg


The Projector used for the festival was borrowed from Edinburgh college as it had an ultra short throw lens which meant that we were able to project a screen size the full height of the wall and only be cut off by performers about 1 meter away from the wall. A Black Magic Ultra Studio Recorder was required to input the live camera feed into Qlab. Here is a look at the kit.

EIKI Powerhouse LC-X6 (6500Lumen) EIKI-Powerhouse-LC-X6.jpg

Black Magic Ultra Studio Recorder Blackmagic.jpg