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CPP3 Shows - Rain on Stage

The Concept

  • The CPP shows are a collaboration between the group and the TPA crew.
  • The first group on stage wanted the finale for their show to be rain falling onto the stage.
  • It was up to the Stage Manager to come up with the solution to this problem as there was no TSM support.


  • 1x Length of hose apprx. 11m for the chandler in our setup to allow mistakes.
  • 1x Hand water pump - or motorised, but this is louder and requires power.
  • 1x 3m length of square pipe.
  • 3x Barrel Clamps
  • 1x Large tub to hold water.
  • Some metal pipe grips.
  • Plenty of cable ties.
  • A couple of rolls of LX tape, you pick the colour.

How To

  • Sterilise the tub that you want the water to be stored in, make sure it is well rinsed before using.
  • Attach the pipe and pump together and make sure all seals are clearly marked with coloured LX tape and are secure. (This is assuming that the pump comes with its own pipe)
  • Connect the hose to the other side of the pump, following the water flow. Again making sure the seals are tight and that they are clearly marked with coloured LX tape.
  • After the required distance from pump to the rain fall zone on the hose, attach the hose to the pipe securely with cable ties.
  • Make sure the end of the hose is securely sealed so that there are no leaks.
  • Attach the 3 barrel clamps at equal distances along the pipe to attach it to the catwalks. (thick cable ties will work as there is no weight in the hose)
  • Using a drill and a 2mm drill bit to pierce holes in the hose that is attached to the pipe. (try and get them all pointing down or you may have water going in all directions.)
  • Once you have rigged the system make sure and tidy the hose to the catwalk using LX tape.

What happens when the water falls?

  • Yes, of course you will need something to catch the water at the bottom, unless there is a suitable risk assessment to say otherwise. It is recommended at some sort of "splash zone" or "pool" is created. We done this by using 2 3m bits of timber and 2 2.5m bits of timber. This creates a generous sized splash zone that collects all the water. Just secure them all together with pin hinges and the same to attach it to the deck. Once the frame is complete we used a large sheet of thick tarpaulin to create the water tight pool. Simply lay it out and form it around the frame then secure by stapling it to the outside of the frame.