CPP3 Collobrations 2018

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CPP3 Collaborations 2018

Performance dates

Imperium - 17th of May 2018

Fly Trap - 22nd of May 2018

What a voice - 25th of May 2018

Production Team

Production Manager - Colin Bell and Kevin Murray

Lighting Designer - Simon McEwan

Stage Manager - Kirstie Connel

Assistant Stage Managers on book - Peter Goddard

Production Electrician- Andrew Johnston

File:Chandler LX Bible blank.xls - PLX Bible

File:Risk assement for strobing .xlsx - Strobing risk assessment

Technical Stage Manager- Regan Kelly

Assistant Technical Stage Managers- Nele Hahnsen and Dale Gibb

Sound 1 and AV - Callum Farrell

Production Lighting Support - Jazz Hutsby

Lighting Programmer and Op - Rhys James Gaughan

Stage Management -

Being a stage manager on the CPP3 Performances the main responsibilities are risk assessments, time management and communication. You have to make sure that everyone is kept up to date with changes to the performances throughout the rehearsal process but also during production weeks. Sourcing props is mainly done by the performers unless they need something that is more challenging to source for example straw or wooden swords etc.

A helpful way to keep every department up to date throughout rehearsals is to create a tech bible. This document should contain all the information for each department as well as an explanation of each performance. (I have attached the ones created for each performance below).

Tech Bibles

Imperium - File:Group A Technical Bible V5.pdf

FlyTrap - File:CPP3 Collaborations Group B Tech Bible.pdf

What a Voice - File:CPP3 Collaborations Group C Tech Bible V4.pdf

Props Makes

The main props make for stage management was was roman wooden swords these were made for the performance of Imperium.

Step one: Create a wooden template for the blade and include a cross shaped handle at the bottom.

Step Two: Take an old roller paint brush and unattach the roller until you are just left with the handle. Slide the paint brush handle over the wooden handle on the sword. This will give you a round handle for the sword and will be easier for cast to grip.

Step Three: Sand off all the edges until smooth and make sure the tip of the sword is blunted down as well.

Step Four: Get some tin foil and wrap around the blade of the sword. This will make the blade a metal look and will reflect any light. Make sure the tin foil does not crease when wrap it.

Step Five: Get some black sports tape and cover this around the handle. This allows for better grip and comes in a variety of colours.

Step Six: Use varnish or hair lacquer and use it on the tin foil blade. This will help to stop the tin foil from ripping.

Wooden Template Picture.jpeg - Wooden Template with paint roller handler

Finished Wooden Swords.jpeg - Finished swords