Bat Boy : The Musical

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Bat Boy : The Musical
Bat Boy Logo.jpeg
Performance Dates
24th - 30th November 2018
Performance Course
BA Musical Theatre
Chandler Studio Theatre
Creative Team
Alexandra Spencer-Jones
Musical Director
Stuart Flemming
Set and Costume Designer
Jack Sheehan
Lighting Designer
Charlie Morgan Jones
Sound Designer
Production Team
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Managers
Production Electrician
Jazz Hutsby
Lighting Programmer
Assistant Production Electricians
Lighting Technicians
Production Sound Engineer
Barry McCall
Sound No. 1
Sound No. 2
Production Sound Technician
Stage Supervisor
Deputy Stage Supervisor
Stage Technician


Technical Stage Department

The set comprised of five flats on trucked bases, ranging in height from 2.5 to 3.5 meters. These were fitted with doors on one side (similar to an advent calendar) and finished with cartoon-styled artwork on the other. The doors were opened in the final sequence of the play, revealing comic book strip panels detailing the back story of how the Bat Boy was created.

At the back of the performance area was a 16ft x 8ft band riser at a height of 400mm. The skirt which surrounded the deck was fitted with props flaps on the DSR and DSL corners. This allowed the company to store small props underneath the riser, as well as allowing the smoke from the Viper underneath to bleed through. This was further assisted by some holes drilled USL and USR. In order to construct the props hatches, timber frames were made to reinforce the MDF surround. These were then attached to pin hinges and screwed to the top of the deck. Spare handles from the advent calendar doors were then attached to allow them to be opened easily.

Above the band riser, we hung a large ‘Hope Falls’ town sign. This was a light enough piece that we could screw it straight into the timber battens on the back wall of the space. At the top of the sign, the electrics department hung two down-lighters, which were screwed into the sign’s frame and cabled through a small hole in the facia.

The final set piece was a large metal cage, measuring 4ft x 4ft x 6ft. This was constructed by workshop from a weld-mesh and fitted with swivel castors to allow it to move easily. It was vital this cage was both light enough to be manoeuvrable by cast, but resilient enough to facilitate the jumping and shaking that the performer inside would subject it to.

Stage, LX, and Sound Master Plan