Ballet Showcase 2021

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Technical Stage Department

This years Ballet Set-up was similar to past productions based around the black box style of theatre. It was made up of 8 1800x6000 Hard Maskers with Dog Leg returns, 2 Black Sharkstooth Gauzes one being used in a downstage gauze and blinder combination and the other being used on its own further upstage. 2 Full Blacks One of which being used in the previous combination and the second being used as a blinder for the BP screen which was used similar to a CYC.


Stage Supervisor - Euan Dyer

Flys/ Crew - Anne Peart

Flys/ Crew - Leo Wittwer


Ground Plan

Grid Plan

Fly Plot

File:Ballet Fly Plot (1).xlsx

Equipment List

File:Ballet Kit List.xlsx