Ballet Showcase 2019

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BA Modern Ballet Graduation Showcase 2019
Production Information
Performance Dates
Thursday 13th - Saturday 16th June 2019
New Athenaeum Theatre
Production Team
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Production Electrician
GrandMA2 Programmer
Lighting Technicians
Technical Stage Manager
Deputy Technical Stage Manager / Head of Flys
Stage Technicians

Technical Stage Department

The stage comprised of 4x 1800mm x 6000mm Hard Maskers on each side with a soft, dog-leg masker runoff. Unlike prior Ballet's at RCS this Ballet comes with the added intricacy of two masking positions. The maskers will be raised on the offstage edge during the interval which will allow a wedged to drop into place, putting the masking at a 14 Degree tilt onstage. This masking was made an option following The Breathing House where they used this style of masking for the first time. An unexpected drawback to the skewed masking was that we couldn't use hard run-offs due to the gaps it would leave when skewed. To counter this we flew 8x 12m legs to make sure there were no gaps. The main issue we came up against with this type of masking which was not foreseen due to The Breathing House's Italian masking layout was that due to the aperture created it was much easier to keep cast and set hidden in the wings. Because we used a standard layout for the masking & soft legs this left us with some sightline issues.

Another interesting change to this years Ballet Showcase was a staircase rostrum for our Dreamgirls number. These rostra consisted of 2 pieces of 2440 x 1220 Steeldeck with 400mm legs & 3 pieces of 2440 x 1220 Steeldeck with 1000mm legs. On the downstage of this deck there were 2 x 1220mm wide x 400mm tall treads from the pit & on top of the downstage deck there were 5 sets of treads of varying sizes, more specifically; 1 x 1220mm wide x 600mm tall tread, 1 x 800mm wide x 600mm tall tread, 1 x 790mm wide x 600mm tall tread and 2 x 750mm wide x 600mm tall treads. This was all assembled in 2 mins 38 seconds behind the Midstage black during the Dreamgirls number.


The Ground Plan

Scene Change Matrix

Fly Plot

Equipment List