Ballet Showcase 2017

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Ballet Showcase
Production Ballet Showcase 2017
Performance Time
Performance Dates Thursday June 8 2017 - Saturday June 10 2017
Venue New Athenaeum Theatre
Creative Team
Lighting Designer Ross McCrone
Sound Designer Maciej Kopka

Production Team
Production Manager Lynfryn MacKenzie
Stage Manager Kirstie Connel
DSM Laurie Sutton
ASM Jessica Reid
TSM Yesha Subotincic West
DTSM Reece Flynn
Head of Flys Heather McKennan
Sound Operator Jak Coventry
PLX Gary Ashbridge
LX Programmer Karyn Wilson
DPLX Adelaide Harney
LX Crew Rachael Matthews


The Modern Ballet Showcase is a collection of group dances and solos preformed by the students in all three years of the BA Modern Ballet course. This year there was also 2 pieces from Canadian students from Montreal. One was Elipses and the other Heros was done with second year RCS dancers.

All the graduating students get two solos. One modern and one contemporary. These solos change every night so no two ballet performance running orders are the same.

Production Team


Stage Management

For this year's Ballet Showcase there were a number of props that needed to be sourced. These included 8 wooden chairs, 21 white chairs and a small round table with a red phone.

File:Mater Setting List Ballet Showcase.docx

Telephone and Round Table

For the telephone the chorographer wanted the phone cord to be very long and also to be white so I had to make some adjustments to the phone in order to meet these requests.

Step One

I first removed the old phone cord from the phone and replaced it with a headphone accessory set cable for use in rehearsals.

Step Two

Once there was a break in the Matthew Robinson rehearsals, I removed the cord again and used methylated spirits to take off the lacquer the phone cord in order for the paint to adhere better to the cord.

Step Three

I then used a white primer spray paint to paint the cord white. I did about 5 coats in total to give it a solid white colour. I then left the cord to dry overnight.

IMG 2794.JPG

Step Four

I then reattached the cord to the phone.

IMG 2837.JPG

Step Five

I then attached the phone to the table at first using Velcro which did not stick well to the table so in the end I used a hot glue gun which made the phone secure to the table. Eventually my ASM had to screw the phone to the table as the hot glue was not strong enough.

IMG 2838.JPG

Painting the Chair

Step One

I first sanded down the chair to get rid of any bumps or sharp edges before painting.

IMG 2800.JPG

Step Two

I next used some poly filler to cover the holes at the joins in the chair.

Step Three

I did an orange undercoat which would help to give it a contrast with the brown paint.

IMG 2808.JPG

Step Four

I then used some brown paint and painted the chair in sections. Next I would use a tool to make it look like it has wood grains. I mainly used a paint brush called a flouter which is a paint brush with long hair that helps to create the wood grain lines.

Step Five

After leaving the paint to dry for a few minutes. I made a dark brown wash which would make the chair look darker. I mixed brown vinyl matt paint with a tiny bit of roscoe red paint and added about a cup of water. I mixed it thoroughly until very watery and dark.

Step Six

I used the wash paint and covered the whole chair. This made the chair look antique.

Step Seven

Finally, I covered the chair in a glaze which would protect the paint from wear and tear. I added some water to the glaze to make the chair look less shiny. I also left the chair to dry over night to allow the glaze to dry.

IMG 2818.JPG

Technical Stage Management

The Team



In the Ballet this year there was a large amount of flying cloths. There was the BP, a black gauze, upstage full black, a star cloth (borrowed from Scottish Opera), a downstage full black and house tabs. The Star Cloth was 15m wide with an 8m drop. It was fiberoptic so to avoid harming the cables by folding it back on a bar and it was flown on HV30 Truss in stock and 2 automation points (winch 3+1).

Find below a copy of the ground plan and the get in plan used by TSM.

Risk Assessment

All RA's necessary for this show were generic. All those that did not already exist can be found below along with corresponding SSOW.


Information on the floor used on the show can be found on the page Dance Floor. The floor was cut to the dip traps and around the tormenters leaving a 50mm gap upstage. The following layout and organization can be found on the page Dance Floor.

The floor was then cut at the dip traps to match the stage The cleaning process used on the show is as follows:

There are 4 types of cleaning to be done on the dance floor. There is:

Dry Mop

Wet Mop/Towel

Water + Meths Mop

Cleaner Mop

The frequency and order of these cleaning processes are shown below on the Cleaning Schedule.


The head of flys was Heather McKennan. Find below the Counterweight fly plot and help fly plot os the Ballet