Ballet Showcase 2014

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Modern Ballet Showcase 2014

Ballet Showcase 2014
Artistic Director Paul Tyers
Lighting Designer Oliver Gorman
Stage Manager Oran O'Neill
Deputy Stage Manager Katy Nicolson
Technical Stage Manager Ian Smyth
Sound Designer Maciej Kopka
Production Manager Lynfryn MacKenzie
Venue New Athenaeum
Rehearsal Period April13-May '13
Tech Week 27th May'13
Performance Dates 6 June - 7 June 2014

The Third Modern Ballet Showcase in The Royal Conservatoire.

Production Team

  • Chief Production Electrician - Mary Crook
  • Deputy Production Electrician - TBC
  • Lighting Operator and Programmer - TBC

Technical Stage Management

Ground Plan

The ballet showcase is a very simple rig in terms of TSM work as it is a Black box performance.

for the show we used;

    1. 2400mm Wide by 6000mm High X 6
    2. 1400mm Wide by 6000mm High X 2
    3. House Tabs
    4. House border
    5. 16m wide X 5m high Borders X 3
    6. 4m wide X 12m high Legs X 6
    7. Black Gauze
    8. BP Screen

I did have two full blacks rigged one US of the house tabs and one DS of the gauze but they were not used during the show.

Fly Plot

File:Ba MB flyplot.v2.doc

Ballet Floor

When laying the ballet floor please reference the 'Laying Ballet floor' paperclip page. On this occasion when hiring the floor from Scottish Ballet, they gave us the wrong length of floor. Ideally we wanted;

4x 12m x 4m 4x 10m x 1.6m

We received 4x 16m x 4m which then became an issue with the prompt side dip traps and the cable runs off of the booms. the dance floor should run dip trap to dip trap if the correct dance floor is supplied. We solved the issue by laying the SR side edge in line with the dip traps then on SL we had to lift the booms onto the dance floor (IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOME BLACK TAT UNDER THE BOOM TO PROTECT THE FLOOR) and all the cable runs had to go up the pick up lines for the booms onto to prompt side flys so that there wasn't any trip hazards or any bubbles in the dance floor.

BP Screen

The BP screen had a smaller gauge of scaffolding bought for it during this show as it has always been an issue to try and stretch it properly. the scaffolding we had originally is to tight while trying to put it in the conduit pocket or remove it.

Due to a previous show the conduit pocket for the BP screen has sticky residue in it from melted scaffolding. so we thought it would be a good idea to put lubricant on the new scaffolding piece so that it was easier to insert and remove it. Vaseline doesn't work and became an issue when trying to remove the scaffolding from the BP screen.

A new method for the BP Screen conduit is needed.

We used a gauze inform of the BP Screen so that when the BP Screen wasn't light up the back drop for the performance was black and not the grey colour of the BP screen.


Circuiting Plans

Colour Call

Stage Management

Visual Cue Sheets

Two new pieces of contemporary choreography were created especially for this years Showcase. Sophie LaPlane choreographed The Rocket Builder for Year 2 and Diana Loosmore created Fragments for Year 3. Below are the Visual Cue Sheets I prepared to allow me to follow the pieces as they were performed and cue lighting changes at specific points in the performances.



To allow you to follow the cue sheets I have also included my Shorthand Key


Basic Ballet Moves

I knew nothing about ballet before starting the role as DSM so I did some research about basic ballet moves and downloaded some pictures of each move.



Equipment used

Most of venue specific equipment was used for the show. List below specifies only loans from Venues and AV Store.

  • Microphones:
    • 2x Sennheiser e614
    • 3x AKG SE 300
  • Cables:
    • 2x 10m XLR (m) – XLR (f)
    • 2x 15m XLR (m) – XLR (f)
    • 4x 15m Speakon – Speakon
    • 5x GPO – GPO
    • 5x GPO – XLR (f)

Cue list

  2. LEWIS - Solo
  3. REBECCA - Solo
  4. EMILY - Solo
  5. JEMMA - Solo
  6. Fadeout | JEMMA Solo
  7. ANGELA Solo
    • Julia Kent – Malpensa
    • Julia Kent – Missed
    • Julia Kent – A Spire