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My name is Ayden and I love to create, to be inspired, to inspire others and to have something in life that I am passionate about. Something that I have a mental and physcial drive to do. For me this is creative arts withinn the entertainment industry. I have a theatrical and tv background from when I was a teeny bopper and attended theatre school, and one day I would love to work in tv or film in the applied arts field/an art departmental role. Perhaps in costume but primarily in scenic art. I am an organised little soul too, I like to priotitise and delegate and make sure things are meeting deadlines and running smoothly. So maybe when Im old and grey I will retire on foreign shores having worked and travelled the world with at least one credit of Artistic Director under my belt :)

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because people who mind don't matter, and people who matter don't mind"

'My Flickr Page' (look here for my most updated portfolio, I dont keep absolutely everything on paperclip)


Cinderella Panto 07

Cosi Fan Tutte 08

Wounds to the Face

The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol

Dialogue of the Carmelites 08

The Ruling Class

A Woman of No Importance

Mother Goose Panto 08

Citizens Theatre April 2009 - 'Museum of Dreams' and 'Ghosts' Scenic Artist

Sleeping Beauty Panto 09


My finished tshirts:

Applique; dying, dylon pens, dylon paint/glitter paint, iron on transfer, paste transfers. Messy business!

Stencil Paintings

My love for stencil graffiti, when further explored, turned out to be a good artistic challenge. Acetate photocopies and projection is much better indoors however than a giant stencil.

This is my adaption of an Audrey Kawasaki painting She generally paints straight onto wood, so I did a woodgrain effect on a board and scaled up my image, drew it out roughly in charcoal and then painted it with roscos. The overall look of the painting is very washy, pale, girly, and almost innocent looking. It really tested my patience as I felt like I wasnt happy with it until the very very end, but Im glad I took my time with it.

Life Drawing

I love it! Good chance to keep your drawing skills refreshed. Its nice to experiment with different materials, along with some directed tasks. Wether its drawing with your opposite hand, your eyes only on the model, or on a huge piece of paper with your chosen section to drawn life size.

Class based work

Corset Making, Photoshop, Fake wound application, 'Show in a day' and makeup class

Short Films

'Floating Is Easy' Alcoba Films. July 2008. Art Department Assistant.

'Meat' Trailer for Short Horror film. September 2008. Art Department Assistant.

'Stone' Ickleflix. February 2009. Art Department Assistant.

Dftv Collaborations

'Poker Game' - Art department along with Ashleigh, in this dingey poker game setting.

'The Lead' - Standby Art department with Ashleigh on location in a park not far from the Academy.

'Deadwood' - Art director of a little but awesome team, we pulled off something fantastic given the time restrictions!

'Choreomania' - Production Designer along with Ashleigh (credit to her for the lovely pictures) as Art Director for this dftv grad film written and directed by Louis Paxton. Mostly set dressing and props sourcing.