Attempts On Her Life

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Attempts On Her Life
Production Information
Performance Dates
30th October - 3rd November 2018
Chandler Studio Theatre
Creative Team
Guy Hollands
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Production Team
Production Manager
Kevin Murray
Production Electrician
Deputy Production Electrician
Lighting Programmer and Operator
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Managers
Stage Supervisor
Deputy Stage Supervisor
Sound Operator



The main technical challenge was to create a 7000 x 7000 grid which we would use to hang a 'cloud' of items from. To do this I used a box truss configuration with a combination of tensioned drifts and cord. Below is how the grid was hung and the equipment used.


The equipment used to hang the grid was:

6x Loadguard LG50 Chain Hoist (SWL 500kg)

6x 1m Strop

6x 4m Strop

12x 3 1/4T Bow Shackle

The strops were chocked over the top red beam of the catwalk, this let the motor hang just below the bottom catwalk beam.


The wire grid needed as many places to hang items from as possible, therefore a lot of rigging was required to make the grid squares as small as was reasonably possible.

The final solution was a bottom layer of horizontal drifts tensioned by a turnbuckle. The vertical lines were 6mm braided cord tensioned with a truckers hitch. This solution had minimal sag and gave us an ideal amount of hanging points to work with.

Equipment used:

21 x 6m Drift

42 x 2.5m 6mm Braided Cord

44 x 0.5m Strop

22 x Turnbuckle

54 x 1T Bow Shackle

12 x 1.5T Bow Shackle

The items were then hung from the grid with 1000m of braided cord. A combination of 1mm, 2mm, and 4mm was used depending on the weight of the item. Heavier objects were hung from multiple points to prevent any failures.

Attempts Pic.jpeg


The seating for the show was arranged in a random scattered pattern. For fire safety reasons we tethered the chairs to the floor. To do this we took cord under the seat of the chair and attached each end of the cord to the floor with a screw and penny washer.

Below is the risk assessment for the scattered seating. This risk assessment was revised a few times to make sure that Venues were happy it met the Chandler's health and safety requirements, and that my production manager was happy it allowed us to achieve what the director wanted.