Anatomy of a Suicide

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Anatomy of a suicide
29th October-1st November
Performance Course
Chandler Studio Theatre
Creative Team
Finn Den Hertog
Sound Designer
Sound Programmer/Operator
Lighting Designer
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Production Electrician
Lighting Programmer
Lighting Technician

Anatomy of a suicide

Technical Stage Management

Anatomy of a suicide was performed in thrust and comprised of 12 pieces of 1220x2440 & 610x2440 Steel deck which was then bolted together to form the plinth with a dropped acting space in the middle. The deck was then clad with MDF painted to resemble a Turkish Bath.

Anatomy Set.jpeg

The Team

Stage Supervisor-Greig Buckley.

Depute Stage supervisor-Erin Johnstone

Technical Challenges

A prominent technical element was the Bathtub which was constructed of MDF and filled with Pond lining to prevent damage to the set. Due to the bath being well insulated (being made of wood and rubber pond lining) it was easy to keep the water at a consistently warm temperature, which was around 34-36 degrees. The bathtub was partially filled up at the top of every show then fully filled up during the 20-minute interval. During the technical rehearsals, the bath was filled up via a hose connected to a shower in the hallway next to the chandler. Though the hose negated the amount of manual handling involved, it was more time-consuming so in order to resolve this issue, we filled an LX bin full of warm water and transferred it into the bath via buckets.

The technical stage department was responsible for the sowing of the 8 curtains (4000mmx1500mm) that made up the backdrop of the show, these curtains were made of Anti-static coat lining which was then hemmed at both ends with a hem of 75mm, the curtains were then eyeleted with snap-on eyelets from Mandors 240mm apart from each other to allow for each curtain to have 7 eyelets in each. The curtains were the hooked onto Uni beam so that if desired the curtains could track offstage.


The Team

Lighting Designer - Matthew Craigen

Production Electrician - Dave Evans

Deputy Production Electrician - Nicholas Ruebenacker

LX Programmer - Ross Hunter

Lighting Plans


The Team

Sound Designer - Corey Jackson

Production Sound Engineer - Hayley Grogan

Sound Plan


The sound plan for this show was a mix of flown speakers, local speakers hidden in set and then the use of In Ear Monitor and a speaker to create practical sound effects inside objects used by the cast. The flown speakers used were 6x Kv2 ESD 12 Speakers flown in a centre cluster arrangement shown on the plan, this allowed for equal coverage for the three seating banks that were surrounding the set. For the Local effects on stage and around the room we used 3x D&B E0's. one was placed inside a set piece to replicate a record player inside a drawer. The other two were placed at the back of the room behind the curtain in the left and right corner of the room, these were used to create effect of other room and sounds in the distance. There Were some practical effects used also, there was a telephone that was brought on and off stage that would have to ring, there was also a baby on stage that would cry. To create this effect we used In ear monitor packs and small portable speakers placed inside both the telephone and the baby. This allowed us to send signal to the speakers anywhere on stage without having to connect any wires to them.