Additional Lighting Equipment Available

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These units are for use in any venue across the Conservatoire and are not venue specific. Please contact the Venues Team for availability

UV GUN Stored in ATH lantern store
400w UV Gun, requires time to pre-heat before use. Not to be put on a dimmable circuit, hard power only. Please ensure wire mesh is in place before use if the unit is to be hung above head height.
Uvgun.jpg4 in stock
Cadenza 30-50o Stored in ATH lantern store'
Cadenza.jpg2 in stock
Cadenza Rotating FX Wheel Stored in ATH lantern store'
Fxwheel.gif2 in stock
Ledj LED

Soundlab Low Fog Machine
The Soundlab Low Fog is a compact machine with Onboard Water Pump and Timer Facility using standard fog fluid with a low smoke effect. The product requires ice to achieve this effect and features 3 hours of operation before a refill is required
Power Input 230 ac@50HZ
Soundlab.jpg1 in stock


50 in stock
Grelcos are used to pair up lanterns when there are too few dimmer channels to accomodate all units.

Grelcos are only to be used up to a maximum of 15amps and can not exceed a load of more than 2.5kw.