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The AGOS has a fixed rig which it must be returned to after any show where lanterns have been moved and/ or re-focused

All lanterns are supplied in working order with hook clamps, wing nuts and safety chains/ bonds. Please ensure that at the end of the production all lanterns are restored to the condition in which they were received and report any and all faults and damages to the Venues Team.


Selecon rama 1200W Strand cantata F.jpg 16 in stock

strand cantata Fresnel 20 in stock

Strand Cantata Profile 1200W 18-32 Cantata1832.jpg 14 in stock

Thomas Parcan Beamlight 1000W Various Parcan.jpg 16 in stock
PLEASE NOTE - We have a variety of PAR 64 lamps - we may not have all of the same lamps that you require for your show.

Strand Coda Flood 1000W Wide Coda 1000w.jpg 2 in stock, house lights

1 Avo pearl 2010