Stage Equipment

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Athenaeum Hard Black Masking

Athenaeum Soft Black Masking

Athenaeum Other Softs

House Tabs

Wire rope drifts

Triple E Tab Track

Steel Deck

Stage and Flying Hardware

Kee Clamps

BP Screen

Hemp Lines

Scaffolding Pipe

Metal Conduit

Dance Floor


Scaffolding & Aluminium Access Towers


Genie Trap

Chain Hoists


Stage Technologies



Drapes & Curtains


Rope Supplies

Local Suppliers

TSM Corner

The TSM corner is the hub for all stage rigging equipment. The TSM should book out all equipment from the corner using the correct booking process through the Venues Team. Equipment SHOULD NOT just be taken from the TSM corner. Any damaged or broken equipment should be checked by the TSM, or taken to the Venues Team. At the end of every show equipment should be sorted and stored in the appropriate place by the TSM and the crew. The TSM corner should be kept clean and clear at all times. This space IS NOT for making props.